Test Anxiety


Here are a few tips to that may help students overcome test anxiety:

  • STUDY!! Going into a test blind can definitely trigger an anxiety attack. Make sure you study and study well.
  • Take notes while you study. Physically writing notes helps cement information into the brain.
  • Review/skim the notes you took before the test.
  • Get a good night’s rest beforehand. Don’t come into the test after cramming all night and no sleep. Your brain will not be firing on all cylinders because of the lack of sleep.
  • BREATHE. Take some nice big deep breaths before you start.
  • Answer the questions you know you know first and come back to the others later. Don’t get stuck on question three and spin out of control. Skip it, build confidence on the ones you know, and save time for the head scratching questions for last.
  • TRUST YOURSELF. You took notes, you reviewed, you know you know the material.

The following is a short lighthearted video on test anxiety- Enjoy!



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