Get to know your campus!

Get to know your campus

As a new student attending community college, one of the most important first steps is getting to know your campus. Learning what resources are available to you and where they are located can help tremendously with the first few weeks of school.

Registrars, counselors, the cafeteria, and the library -are just a few examples of important people and places that are available to every student under the “Student Support” umbrella that are important “first people and places to know.”

The following link will take you to South Seattle College’s Campus Information page. Here you will find maps, parking information, school calendars, office hours and much much more. This is a good place to get started.

One important thing to keep in mind- is no one knows you need help IF YOU DON’T ASK. If you are struggling with finances, finding a job, or trying to figure out which classes to take next- it doesn’t help anyone if you struggle alone- including YOU the student. There are counselors and advisors available through appointment that are just waiting to be utilized. It is their job to help new and returning students.

As a new student myself this year, something I found extremely helpful were workshops provided by the institution. The following link will take you to Student Resources on the South Seattle College website. On this page you will find student resources to help you navigate counselors, scholarships, tutoring, child care, student code of conduct and more. With this link you should be able to find assistance with whatever issue or questions you may have. (I had the most luck with new student orientation. There I was given a tour of the school and its facilities.)

It is so very important to ask for help or assistance if you find yourself having difficulty with school, especially in the beginning. No one is responsible for your grades and enrollment EXCEPT YOU. There are many different avenues available for student support. Both websites provided can be extremely helpful to new students attending South Seattle College for the first time.

Good luck out there!




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